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Product list Grand Palawi

Smrečianska 41, 811 05 Bratislava I

Additional procedures

Spa pedicure and feet wrap °Noninvasive°

15 €/single

Preheating °TPD lamp°

3 €/single

°TPD lamp°



Sweet body scrub °Effective purification°

24 €/single

°Effective purification°

Sweet body scrub

aromatherapy sweet all body scrub /30min/

Duration about 30 min also with showering

Flower-yogurt wrap °Soothing and hydrating°

24 €/single

°Soothing and hydrating°

Flower-yogurt wrap

Body wrap with deeply hydrating and soothing effect containing fresh yoghurt, rose hydrolysis and aloe vera extracts. The body wrap is possible to order just with body scrub or aroma massage.