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Product list Grand Palawi

Smrečianska 41, 811 05 Bratislava I

Whole body scrubs

Sweet body scrub °Effective purification°

24 €/single

°Effective purification°

Sweet body scrub

aromatherapy sweet all body scrub /30min/

It can´t be ordered separately, just as an annex to the procedures taking place in the area reserved for the oil massages.

Tropical body scrub °Detailed purification°

55 €/single, 100 €/couple

°Detailed purification°

Tropical body scrub

Feet bath, Spa pedicure /25min/, aromatherapy whole body scrub /35min/, 2x drink

For whole stay in Palawi dedicate 1h30min

My lavender °Expurgatory°

55 €/single, 100 €/couple


My lavender

Feet bath, Bali aromatherapy body scrub /35 min/ with gentle massage /25min/, 2x drink and relax

For whole stay in Palawi dedicate 1h