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How it works

Since your arrival


In the entrance room you will change into disinfection flip-flaps overshoes After locking your shoes in a cabin you can leave all your worries behind in this room.



Through another entry door you will get into the reception.
You will be welcomed by our Spa lady speaking at least Slovak and English
You will get welcoming detoxication drink and you will fill up entry questionnaire/ at your first visit, or you will warn about your changed health conditions since your last visit./

The process itself

Spa lady will explain you the process of a procedure and introduce you to your therapist/speaking her native language, simple English and basic expressions needed for procedure in Slovak/.
A therapist will accompany you during all chosen ritual until she takes you for the final relax into the social room.
The process of chosen ritual is specific and its detail description you can find in particular products in Spa menu.

The end

Spa lady will offer you a farewell drink and you can drink it peacefully in relaxing room or you can order healthy refreshment from the daily menu.
Information about you satisfaction or dissatisfaction, ideas or suggestions for the Spa management write on this address please info@palawi.sk

As long as you pay in place, you can use credit card or payment per terminal.

Group team building/ incentive/ club program

It is possible to agree the date sufficiently in advance/ in hours between 8-11 a.m. one week ahead, in other times 3 weeks ahead/. Viable capacity for such group programs is now 7-14 persons for approximately 2-4 hours a content, length and price of procedures is possible to agree individually.

Looking forward to your visit!