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The aromatherapy massage remains the preferred massage on most spa menus around  Asia, if not the world, and it´s easy to understand why. Essential oils have the power to rebalance us on an emotional level and, when given with a massage, can be of real benefit. Indonesian, Balinese and some of the ayurvedic and Chinese massages prepared with oils from local flower, herb and plant life can be wonderfully relaxing. 



Essential oils

There are thousands of essential oils culled from common plants as well as more exotic essence like pink lotus and ajowan (both from India). The beauty of blending various oils is that it’s really up to you to tune in and be creative in your mixing. Think of rose or lavender when you want to create an ambience of calm, whilst essences derived from citrus fruits are known to uplift and enliven. If your mind is overworked and you feel scattered, be drawn to an earthy blend containing sandalwood and vetiver. For those seeking clarity and motivation, herbaceous oils like rosemary or peppermint are good choices.

When exploring ingredients at home, follow your nose. It senses what you need. Inhale and learn to listen to the language of fragrance. Select oils that resonate with you. Use references as a guide, but your intuition as the leader. To create your own blend, use up to 2 – 3 drops of pure essential oil in 1 tsp of carrier or base oil. Base oils that nutritious and penetrate the skin well are macadamia, sweet almond, wheat germ and soy oil. (Jojoba is also excellent, although it is technically a wax not an oil).