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Asian massages and procedures


 „Tension is who you think you should be, relaxing is who you are“

Travelling to far-off places helps us grow experiencing new sensations, aromas, people, cultures and food enlivens our senses, quickens the pulse and widens our view of life. Likewise, sampling different healing massages can open us up to new possibilities.

Indigenous massages from the East vary from country to country and some will appeal to you more than others. Generally, these massages were not created for pleasure but for real therapeutic benefit. The unspoken purpose is to increase blood circulation, restore lymphatic, nervous and musculoskeletal systems, dissolve tension, tightness and stored emotions, and recharge the body.

When you arrive at a new destination, book a local massage to help you ease into the new surroundings. The exotic aromas of herbs and oils, the freshly made teas and the grace of the therapist’s touch will allow your body and mind to surrender and soften. Gentle strokes and caresses, light pressure, holding, kneading, stretching, pulling and pounding are just some of the techniques. Others are more vigorous and involve the therapists walking on your back or using elbows to dig a little deeper. Feel free to tell the therapist if you prefer stronger or softer pressure.

So honored is the practice of massage in Asia that the therapist often performs a private ritual at the start of a treatment. This may take the form of a silent prayer or the chiming of two Tibetan bells. Some therapists ask for inner strength for both themselves and their guest. Giving through touch is the essence of the Asian massage.

What’s exciting is that no two massages are ever the same, and in spas, the creativity is boundless. Many massages honor the village massage approach and merge local traditions with hot stones, flowers, energizing crystals, shells, sand and even jewels. It is now recognized that we store most of our emotions in the abdominal area, so specific treatments like the ch’i nei tsang, a Taoist-inspired abdominal massage offered at Chiva-Som in Thailand, are an excellent choice for detoxifying, stimulating and strengthening the internal organs.

One cannot expect a therapist to drain away week or even years of personal tension instantly (although many do), so the best results come from the recipient working in synergy with the therapist. Communicate clearly what works for you and share any areas of your life you wish to transform - including physical and emotional. Breathe fully and be present.