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 TDP lamp

Why do we use the TDP lamp in Palawi packages

First, we use the lamp to preheat the most loaded parts - neck and back - before massage. The subsequent massage is then more effective and enjoyable, muscles are warmed up and more relaxed. Overheating is being in a prone position on a massage table while therapist realizes foot care, so. Spa pedicure.


Therapeutic TDP lamp - an extract of information from the manufacturer and importer

Therapeutic TDP lamp is a therapeutic device, invented by a group of scientists and doctors at the research institute SILICATE RESEARCH INSTITUTE Chongqing, China. The research and development have been involved by 36 universities, 45 colleges, 41 research institutes, 250 hospitals and 3,000 physicians. In clinical trials involving more than 1 million patients has been demonstrated its positive effects on living organisms. Test results have proven beneficial in more than 100 diseases, and there were no adverse effects on human health.

How the TDP lamp works

When the mineral plate is heated up to a temperature of about 280 ° C will radiate a unique, more frequency bio spectrum. This energy cells absorb and through this energy were activated biological and physiological processes in all cell levels. In the cells, restores the state of balance, strengthens the immune system, improves the flow of blood and other body fluids. There is an accelerated healing process and tissue renewal. In body increases the metabolism, detoxification process occurs and increases the body's ability to use nutrients.

 To what the TDP lamp helps

  • disease prevention
  • harmonisation of meridians
  • improving utilization of minerals, vitamins and nutrients

What disharmonized us

  • External influences - smog, noise, electro smog, denatured food, chemicals etc.
  • The internal effects - stress, negative thoughts, fear, depression, etc.


TDP lamp can help to the following diseases

Acne - Angina pectoris - Arthritis - Asthma - Headaches - Back pain - Joint pain - Knee pain - Pain in lower abdomen - Toothache - Bronchitis - Cellulitis - Sensitivity to weather - Diabetes - Eczema - Fractures - Gastritis - Hepatitis - Herpes - Diarrhea - Snoring - Flu - Chronic pain - Impotence - Wound infections - Sciatica - Skin ulceration - Menstrual problems - Migraine - Cold - Stress - Strain tendons - Insomnia - Burns - Neurodermitis - Bedwetting - Frostbite - Osteoporosis - Prostate - Fungus - Rheumatism - Chop lower back - Fatigue - Ulcers - High blood pressure - Dislocation, etc.