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°Master complex°

Master thai dry massage 120'

Master thajská suchá masáž 120'

Ritual cleansing feet bath, complex massage that relaxes and stimulates the blocked parts of the muscles, tendons and fascia, that form one interconnected unit of our physical body and interact with each other /2h/, 2x drink and relax

For whole stay in Palawi dedicate 2h30min.

Massage takes place on the stage on the mattress. The client is dressed in a Palawi T-shirt and free trousers. The therapist uses the palms, fingers, forearms, or pressure pin for a relaxing and stimulating massage. If a part of the body is unbalanced, the pressure on some points may be painful and uncomfortable, but the feeling may be individual. Common body reaction can be muscle fever in the next three days, with occasional mild bruising. However, the overall effect of massage is relaxing to blissful in the coming period.

If you have long-term problems with headaches and motoric system that you have to deal with by using painkillers, despite consultations with a doctor, is recommended to repeat the massage regularly and especially in combination with a targeted movement /yoga, pilates/. As part of these exercises, you should also learn how to adjust body posture in your normal life and how to not psychically overstretch you. Strengthen weakened muscles, especially the center of the body, which forms the basic support of the spine and internal organs.

Yet many bodies are with solid and beautiful surface muscles, but they are weakened at the level of the deep muscles, which is causing disbalans.


89 €/single

Certificate valid until: 28.03.2022