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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Ritual cleansing feet bath, oil thai massage with hot lava stones /1h20min/ massage of face and head /20min/, 2x drink and relax

For whole stay in Palawi dedicate 2h30min

Hot stone therapy is very helpful in times of worry, insomnia, and stress. Heat from stones eliminates tension, dissolves pain, exudes muscular effort and gently improves blood circulation and lymph. In addition to systematic massage of individual muscles, the stones are placed on the feet, palms, cross area, chest, face, which stimulates reflex points, releases chakras to promote relaxation effect. Hot stone therapy can help with the following symptoms: muscle pain, increased physical load, rheumatism and arthritis, back pain, stress, tension, restlessness, insomnia and depression.

Hot stone therapy in Palawi is promoted to the next level of therapeutic effect by using 100% cold pressed oils with essential oils for whole body massage, which helps to achieve relaxing effect. The warmth of the stones opens the pores and helps to penetrate all the active ingredients into the skin and the whole body.


97 €/single

By Online Delivery: -10%

Certificate valid until: 22.07.2021