Our philosophy

We have been made ​​for touch. Touch is definitely the most personal experience of all our senses. Still fewer touches in Western civilization, tactfully keeping distance from each other, impoverishes our senses from the feeling of release.

It is interesting that Western civilization put so much energy and faith in a purely scientific treatment, and now with the passage of time, people and doctors are increasingly looking for answers to the many intractable problems from therapists using proven techniques of acupuncture, meditation, kinesiology, aromatherapy, reflexology and other variants treatment traditionally used in Asia for centuries.

While it is recognized that Western civilization and medicine has brought to the world nothing irreplaceable progress in the diagnosis of diseases in the early stages and thus much wider possibility of successful treatment and of course the amount of treatment solutions. Ideally, when you combine all these disciplines and with help of synergy effect we get better quality, more vital, more relaxed and more balanced life.

We believe that through Asian massage will get the touches back to your health system, prevention and balance in your life. It will be our pleasure to fill unconditional desire of your body for touches, and marvel at his intuitive response.