Treatments and massages

Do you feel body stiffness as a result of lack of movement, stress, unilateral muscle strain, whether from work or sports?

Are you mentally and physically exhausted? You need a massage and relaxation!

Our Treatment therapists perform standard Asian massages that help release muscle and psychological tension and give the body the necessary rest and regeneration. For the more demanding, also full-body wraps, peelings and additional procedures.

Master massages

Pain is the only defensive, perceptible means by which the body can warn us that something is wrong. Little movement, bad lifestyle, lack of rest, sleep or suffering, all these "little things" significantly affect the overall functioning of the organism. By suppressing pain (body signals) with drugs, you do not solve anything, on the contrary, you harm yourself more.

It is always necessary to look for the cause of the problem, the diagnosis of which will be helped by doctors, and our Master therapists will provide support in the treatment of temporary or chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system and head.