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Ethical code Palawi Asia Spa

Work of professionals

All therapists are carefully selected according to the strict professional and moral criteria of Palawi asia spa. They have several certificates up to the Master level and a number of years of intensive practice in the field. We highly appreciate their work as well as other people, and in any case we do not encourage them, or we do not allow them to provide any "special services" of erotic character. We ask our clients to respect this rule in Palawi asia spa facilities.


Natural and BIO products

In our Asia Spa center we use exclusively products made according to the principles of aroma therapy, without animal products /except milk, yogurt, honey, propolis, royal jelly/.

What we are working with you can taste as well

Most of our ingredients for body consist of fresh and natural products / fresh aloe vera, ginger, cucumbers, carrot, peppers, coffee, cocoa, honey, 100% oil cold pressed, 100% natural extracts from herbs and flowers,….

You need nothing to bring with you

We will provide you with everything you really need for a given procedure – drinks, with longer procedure small refreshment as well, one-shot knickers or underwear, pumice, socks. In the price of procedures is included the borrowing of clothes, towels, sheets, hygiene needs, hair driers etc.

We respect your intimacy

The procedures applied on your naked body take place in closed entirely equipped rooms. There is a shower, a bath, a cosmetic table, massage tables. You will entry the room dressed and at the end you will leave the room dressed – alone or with your partner/friend.

Place for relax

To get the perfect effect of particular procedures it is necessary to reserve 30 minutes for relax after a procedure, before you come back to noisy civilization. In the relaxing room with an interesting book you can have your drink in a peace and quite, read or just meditate.