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Palawi asia spa venue

Palawi Asia Spa lies on the area of 250 square meters in a historical house in the outskirts of Old City directly under Koliba nearby YMCA and Račianske Mýto.








  • a room for changing shoes
  • a room for changing clothes with shower
  • a big room for traditional Thai massage/ dry in Palawi clothes/ for 4 persons
  • 2 closed separate rooms for so-called wet rituals with a personal shower, a bath, extra room and 2 massage tables for individuals or exclusively for couples
  • 1 closed separate room for so-called wet rituals with a personal shower and one massage table for individuals
  • a social relaxing room with library and mini bar with possibility of good refreshment with capacity of 15 persons
  • terrace for exterior massages and relax – 50m2