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Master thai dry massage 60'

Master thajská suchá masáž 60'

Ritual cleansing foot bath, local massage that relaxes and stimulates blocked parts of the muscles, tendons and fascia in local areas based on the recommendation of the therapist /1h/ 2x drink and relax

For whole stay in Palawi dedicate 1h30min

Shorter local massages are recommended to go after full-body massages based on the recommendation of the therapist. For some local problems, time is sufficient, but not always, especially when deep muscle relaxation is required and therapist needs more time, because she has to massage whole body, that works in muscle and fascial chains.

If you have long-term problems with headaches and motoric system that you have to deal with by using painkillers, despite consultations with a doctor, is recommended to repeat the massage regularly and especially in combination with a targeted movement /yoga, pilates/. As part of these exercises, you should also learn how to adjust body posture in your normal life and how to not psychically overstretch you. Strengthen weakened muscles, especially the center of the body, which forms the basic support of the spine and internal organs.

Yet many bodies are with solid and beautiful surface muscles, but they are weakened at the level of the deep muscles, which is causing disbalans.


48 €/single

Certificate valid until: 21.10.2021