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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between traditional Thai and oil massage?
Traditional Thai massage is performed on a mattress in Palawi clothes. Therapist works on your body with the energy pathways and pressure points. In addition to pressure techniques the therapist stretches your entire body, and you essentially receive many of the effects of yoga, it´s like you would practiced the yoga by yourself. Oil massage is applied on naked body /we will give you disposable panties, briefs/. It is similar to us to known Swedish massage, but there are different strokes and techniques, depending on whether you want to achieve a relaxing or energizing effect. For the massage are used essential and virgin oils which are beneficial for skin and have purely natural character. Not massage emulsion.

Are the massages really into something useful and what is the most effective massage?
You can ask your doctor, psychologist, coach, or other professional with a human soul. Yes, they are effective and helpful, this is a broad issue, more info >>> And what is the most effective massage?? Sometimes just such a nice little massage from your partner. Automassage also makes sense when you massage your feet or head. Otherwise, you should choose the massage depending with what you have a problem, respectively what kind of lifestyle you have. If you are extremely tired and burned out, mentally exhausted, choose a gentle relaxing massage or lymphatic massage or lava stones massage or herbal massage. Harder massage technique you would feel this time as pain and you would be more disturbed than it would help you. Conversely, when you feel stiff, when you feel pain or tension in certain muscle groups, choose a traditional thai massage or energizing oil massage.

How often should I go for a massage or treatments? And when I should go for massage and when is better longer procedure?
Ideally once a week as a precaution. Otherwise, every time you start to feel physically or mentally discomfort. Once you are in significant discomfort, in burning feeling when you can not go on holiday, go for massage one week daily and then go for massage for prevention - once a week. Scrubs attend once a month, if you like the feeling of "polish" skin attend the procedure once a week. More often, we do not recommend to not disturb the skin's natural defenses.

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